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With more than three decades of experience to their name, AC Coin & Slot is still a family-run operation that manufactures some of the most popular slot machines in the casinos today. Mac Seeling created the company in his home in 1978 and it has steadily grown to become a well-respected institution within the slot machine manufacturing industry. They now provide not only fun and inventive slot machines, but also high-quality custom casino signage, ergonomic casino furniture and other supplies for casinos as well.

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AC Coin & Slot’s History

Over the years, Mac Seeling’s sons have also entered the family business, with Jerald, Jeffrey and Jason Seeling all currently holding executive positions in the company, under the ultimate helm of their father. They have managed to create a company that offers a comprehensive list of services to casinos all over the world, expanding rapidly with the surge of popularity that slot machines have seen in recent years. While the business still has its headquarters in Pleasanton, New Jersey, not far from its Atlantic City roots, it also has offices in California, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi and Nevada and it now employs more than 300 employees overall. There are even offices in Puerto Rico to service the company’s strong Caribbean customer base.

In 1983, AC Coin & Slot was still a small operation when Mac Seeling was able to secure an exclusive arrangement with the powerhouse games developer, International Gaming Technology, for distribution rights within the U.S. This partnership remains to this day, with collaborations on many games and IGT incorporating AC’s popular Slotto game into many of their machines.

AC’s Most Popular Games

AC Coin & Slot has been on the forefront of developing slot machines for decades and it has produced some that have become instant hits on casino floors and that can still be found in operation today. Jack and the Beanstalk, Merlin and Empire are all perennial favorites of gamblers who are looking for some light-hearted fun. Their licensed series of games have also become fixtures of the casinos, with The Honeymooners and Miss America games combining the nostalgia of pop culture icons of days gone by with the modern and exciting appeal of video slot games.

The company has also been hard at work creating games for the five-reel slot machines that have become so prolific in gaming over the past few years. Their ongoing work with IGT has led to the creation of popular five-reel slots like King of the Grill and Little Green Men, while the game based on the classic television show Bewitched went on to become one of the most popular games that the company has ever developed.

The feature that AC Coin & Slot is most recognized for, however, is still the ultra-successful Slotto, combining all of the excitement of slots with the anticipation of a lottery contest. It has been such a hit that the company has created a series behind it, with The Munny Returns, The Great Goldfish Giveaway and When in Rome now all available with Slotto built in to them. They also joined up with IGT to create Power Slotto, which helped to turn the company into a recognizable brand in the casino industry. In 2007, the business continued their success with the game through the launch of Super Slotto Celebration as they entered the community-style slot trend that had started to emerge.

AC Coin & Slot’s Custom Signage

The company has also branched out from solely producing slot games over the past several years and they are now becoming known for providing casinos with unique custom signage for their floors. They design their original signage with the explicit purpose of drawing in players and making them want to stay. They have worked with many of the most celebrated casinos of late to create one-of-a-kind slot signs that are bold, modern and thoroughly appealing. AC Coin & Slot’s pieces are now on view in the Borgata Casino & Spa and the Trump Marina Hotel Casino, both in Atlantic City, as well as in other casinos throughout the U.S.

They do use traditional elements like murals and displays, but they also employ the most up-to-the-minute technology like supergraphics and animitronics to enhance the gaming experience for players and to keep them in their seats for longer. Architectural elements and millwork are also tools that they often use in their custom signage designs in order to provide the best experience possible.

Ergonomic Seating & Stylish Slot Bases

AC Coin & Slot had the experience and knowledge of their field to recognize that the best way to keep gamblers in their chairs was to make them as comfortable as they possibly could. With that understanding, they went to work to develop premium, ergonomically-correct seating for players that are not only plush and ultra-comfortable, but that are also made to last. These stools and chairs are extremely durable and made to withstand years of traffic and abuse. Their versatile design allows the seat tops and bases to be interchangeable, creating the chance to have precisely the look that is desired.

Their solid and sturdy slot machine bases, meanwhile, provide a great-looking surface for the games and are also designed with utility and versatility in mind. The end panels for their bases are interchangeable as well, allowing casino management to alter both the configuration and the themes of their slot areas without having to resort to buying expensive new bases. They offer bases for a single slot machine or for multiple machines, with the ability to fit up to four games on one base. Side-by-side and back-to-back base models are also available, so that it becomes that much easier to maximize the floor space on any casino floor.

With fierce competition among a large field of competitor’s, AC Coin & Slot has managed to develop a strong reputation over the last thirty years. Their commitment to integrity and to creating unique games that are fun and engaging have left them with a solid fan-base all over the world.