Mikohn Gaming Family of Slot Machines and Slot Games History and Information

Many of those in the slot machine production industry remember Mikohn Gaming fondly. The company was still a relative newcomer when it faced financial difficulties in 2004 and announced that it would be changing its name and focusing its efforts solely on the more technological aspects of gaming. Although the company ultimately did fail, it is still possible to see the remnants of its glory days in casino slot areas to this day in the form of some of the most popular licensed video slot games amongst players.

Established in 1986 as a full-service supply company for casinos who were looking for original slot machines and casino signage that had never been seen before, as well as tracking systems and some of the technical elements needed in order for progressive jackpots to function, Mikohn was effectively a company with two different divisions. The gaming operations division worked on creating and selling the unique games that the company would become known for, while the products division dealt with all of the other services that the firm offered, from the custom signage to the technology systems and patents.

The business finalized a restructuring and name change in 2005, switching from Mikohn to Progressive Gaming International Corporation and declaring its intent to turn its full attention to its casino system technologies. It employed some 300 employees in its heyday and could boast of offices all over the world. Besides its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, Progressive Gaming International also held offices in Australia and at several locations throughout Europe, including in England and Amsterdam. The economic crash that came soon after this change took an irreversible toll on the firm, however, and it finally filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors in 2009.

Mikohn Gaming’s Popular Knowledge-Based Games

While they were still doing business under the name Mikohn Gaming, the company was able to secure the licensing rights for a slew of classic board games that were ripe with potential as themes for unusual slot machines in the right hands. Fortunately for players everywhere, they were in very able hands indeed at Mikohn. They were designed using technology that the company itself developed and that allowed for more interactive play for gamblers than ever before. These slot machines reward players based on their knowledge and answers to questions that are posed throughout the game.

Probably the most well-known knowledge-based slot game that was put out by Mikohn has been the Trivial Pursuit machine. Players are asked a question and faced with three possible answers for a multiple choice. Answer it right and you can instantly score some extra cash, a format which proved to be a winning strategy for the game developers. Fans of the game still look for and can often find this game in casinos even now that the company no longer exists.

The company also produced a game that was designed using Clue, one of the most recognizable names of childhood games. This slot has really made an impression on players, as they are given the chance during bonus rounds to work out who the most likely suspect is in a murder mystery. Hints are given to help the player figure out through the process of elimination just who the killer is and to win big bucks for doing so.

Mikohn’s Skill-Based Slot Machines

Besides their games that are centered around the intelligence of the gamer, the firm also adapted other board games to the slot machine format that paid out prizes based on the skills of its players. The first of these, the Yahtzee slot machine, was such a runaway hit that it spawned a series of even more Yahtzee-themed games. In all of them, gamblers are allowed to use their own best judgment in deciding during bonus rounds whether they should hold on to the combinations that they are dealt or to throw them back. This ability to control the game to some degree has made the Yahtzee series one of the most popular games the company ever produced.

The game that was introduced featuring the game of Battleship was also an instant classic due to the game developers staying true to the beloved war game. During bonus rounds players are able to sink their opponents battleships for extra credits and free spins. Both Battleship: Winning Encounter and Battleship: All Aboard allow those playing to test their skills in their quest for the ultimate jackpot.

Mikohn’s Popular Licensed Slots

The business also created a slot machine that celebrated KISS, the legendary rock band with a legion of superfans who flock to the machine wherever they find it. “Rock ‘n Roll All Night” is the soundtrack to the game as players try their best to trigger the Alive Concert Bonus feature in order to win as much money as they can. Enough images of the band members will prompt that bonus and a platinum record symbol provides the trigger for the game’s other feature, the Free Spin Bonus round.

The company’s game that focused on the antics of Garfield, the infamous comic strip cat, with a narcissistic streak is aptly named It’s All About Me! and features all of the characters of this iconic work of art. Garfield’s beleaguered owner Jon makes an appearance, as does his kitty sweetheart Arlene and the clueless pup Odie. Players love the silly bonuses that come on the slot, including the Mission: Refrigerator bonus where Garfield raids the fridge, as well as the Target Practice bonus involving a cream pie and a selected victim’s mug as your bullseye. Either of these fun features will also lead to the Slice of Life extra bonus round, whereby money and extra games can really start to add up.

While Mikohn Gaming will never introduce another exciting and imaginative game for players to enjoy, their legacy is one with a long list of successful titles that continue to be played today. Their fresh approach to game design ensures that this company will be remembered for many years to come for their ingenuity and innovation.