Microgaming Slot Machines – Probably the Most Popular Slots on a Global Basis

Microgaming Software Systems is an online video slots game developer that has been making big news for the last twenty years now. Ever since it opened the first online casino in 1994, this company has been pushing the envelope of games production, offering a wide variety of video slots, from popular licensed themes to games that are created solely from the imaginations of their designers. Not only that, this team of tech giants also provide computer and mobile software for web casinos that makes gambling on your laptop or phone every bit as exciting as if you were playing in a real casino. Their award-winning products and services have made them one of the most recognizable names in online gambling.

Microgaming’s Role in Online Gambling

Operated from the Isle of Man, Microgaming has quietly become one of the top producers of online video slots and the software that is needed in order to support it ever since its launch. Its role as a pioneer in the online gaming industry has given the company the knowledge and the experience they need to remain relevant in this rapidly expanding field. For example, they now have games available in more than two dozen languages, a feature that infinitely strengthens their position as a real player in the global market.

The business puts a tremendous amount of its focus into providing online gamblers a more authentic experience, working hard to make playing their games as true to being on a live casino floor as is possible. Clean graphics and premium sound quality go a long way toward fulfilling that goal, but Microgaming is also aware of the impact that seamless play can have on a player’s good time. Smooth animation is always a top priority for the company’s design teams, who have years of development experience under their belts.

In 2013, the company made news once again with the announcement that they were behind the largest jackpot payout ever on a mobile device, with a prize of more than US$6.3 million. They were also responsible for the biggest win in the history of online gaming in 2009, with a US$10.8 million value, paid out on a Mega Moolah game. Another of Microgaming’s titles, Butlers Bingo, holds the record for the largest online bingo win as well, with an award that paid out a US$10 million prize. The company currently has the biggest online progressive jackpot in the world, too. This reputation as a source for big jackpots has earned the developer the loyalty of millions of online players.

Online Video Slots by Microgaming

With the stated goal of introducing fresh, new game titles every month, the company has now amassed a large stable of slot games that are suitable for play on either a computer or on a connected mobile device. Microgaming does produce games that are based on some of the most popular movies of our time, but they have also spent a great deal of time designing their own video slot games that are full of action and excitement, as well as the opportunity to win very big sums of cash.

Their foray into licensed games has proven to be a wild success for the business. With titles like Terminator and Terminator 2, Lord of the Rings and The Dark Knight, the company has incorporated features like sound bites and clips from the movie, making for a vastly improved experience over the online games from just a few years ago. Bonuses are centered around characters and plotlines from the films and, very often, the voices of the actors will play a part in the game, announcing wins or exciting lineups. These games can easily compete with virtually any licensed slot machine that you can find on the casino floors today.

Movies aren’t the only source of inspiration for Microgaming slots, however. Andre the Giant was the muse for a very popular game that included his image and voice, as well as the enormous wrestler in a dramatic staged match that players could help him win. This imaginative use of his persona is just one example of the many talents that are showcased in this developer’s licensed games.

One feature that the company has become widely associated with is its large progressive jackpot payouts. As previously mentioned, it holds records for the largest wins in the history of the industry and these jackpots can be found on several of the firm’s games. Mega Moolah is the most well-known, thanks to its newsworthy payout a few years ago. It automatically resets at $1,000,000 once it has hit, so there really is never a bad time to win this progressive. There are other games too, though, that are definitely worth looking into if you’re hoping to hit it really big in online video slots. Cash Splash and Treasure Nile both offer up potentially large progressive jackpots, with the same great graphics and smooth play that you can expect to find on any Microgaming model.

For all its modern technology and dazzling video play, however, the company hasn’t given up on the old-school slot games that you could find in any brick-and-mortar casino forty years ago. Their Reel Slots lineup are made to look like a classic slot machine, with a three-reel setup and one line of active play. This basic model is still very popular with players who are a little bit nostalgic for the simplicity of games that were less complex and much easier to follow.

With all of the competition in the online games development field, Microgaming Software has managed to hold their own over the years and to create a brand recognition that is hard to beat. Their games are both beautifully produced and exciting to play, with the chance to set a jackpot record a very real possibility on any number of their games. This understanding of what online gamblers want to see in their video slot games has made Microgaming the business to beat within their industry.