NewGin Pachislo Manufacturer – Also Known as Pachislots and Pachinko Machines

With a company slogan of “Serious Fun,” NewGin Co., Ltd. lives up to its promise of delivering unique games that are full of energy and chances to win. Its longstanding reputation as a producer of high-quality arcade and casino games has earned this Japanese firm a lot of fans within the industry. Players are also consistently impressed not only with the amount of money that they can win with their unusual games, but also with the amount of fun that they can register at the same time.

NewGin’s Beginnings

The business was initially founded in 1949 in Japan as a maker of arcade games and originally it was given the name of Marushin Bussan. Nine years later, in 1958, the company was restructured as Marushin Bussan Kabushiki Kaisha, or Marushin Bussan KK. After doing business under that name for a decade, the brand was once again changed, this time to the NewGin name that remains to this day. After twenty years of selling their products to established arcades throughout the region, the NewGin Company started to open up their very own pachinko parlors in Japan during the late 1980’s. Today the company is a household name in the country, well-known for producing games that are consistently fun and entertaining.

Pachinko – Pachislots – Pachislos

NewGin produces the popular Japanese form of slot machines known as pachislots, also called pachislos. These games are a combination of the classic pachinko games that have been played in that culture for ages, and the more modern slot machine games of today. The company also distributes gaming versions of pachinko machines, too, for their customers who prefer the more traditional game. Pachislots and pachinko games can be found in both land-based and online casinos and the growing demand for these games ensures that they will only become more available over the next few years.

You will still see the familiar bright lights and colorful panels and reels of traditional slot machines in pachinko and pachislot games. Lively music and sound clips are also used regularly in these games, for the same effect that it has with other casino machines. Passing players are more attracted to these features and gamblers who are already playing remain much more engaged when their wins are lavishly celebrated.

Due to strict regulations when it comes to gaming in Japan, pachinko and pachislots often feature what appear to be much lower payouts than many foreigners are accustomed to seeing on standard slot machines elsewhere. The rules do allow, however, for big bonus wins that can instantly serve to increase a player’s winning by several times their original value.

Those unfamiliar with the game of pachinko would do well to watch an old rerun of The Price is Right or, failing that, to imagine an upright version of a Western pinball machine, although you won’t find a set of flippers on the sides of these machines. Another noticeable difference lies in that there are usually several small balls at play, which have been launched by the gambler into a thicket of pins on a vertical board. As the balls make their way through the dense arrangement of pins, there are multiple opportunities for it to fall into small holes throughout the board, thereby triggering wins and the possibility of more play. Much like the bonus rounds in slot machines often offer up free bonus spins as a way for players to win more money, extra balls are awarded in pachinko, strengthening the player’s odds of winning big.

Pachislots, meanwhile, are more similar to the slot machines that you could expect to find in casinos in the West, though they do normally feature a skill-stop button that gives the player a little bit more control over the game than with regular slots. The skill-stop feature has become much more common on Western games lately as well, however, further blurring the lines between these two types of machines.

Undoubtedly, one of NewGin’s most well-known pachislots is its P4: Persona 4 game, based on the hit animated tv show in Japan. This game features a choice of nine different voices of characters from the show to serve as your narrator during the game. It also has a staggering soundtrack of more than forty songs that are associated with the television show. This kind of fully-packed machine is precisely the reason that these games have remained so popular in their country for so long.

Western Police, Samurai Giants and Nachiyuri were all produced by the company in 2007 and these games were colorful constants in pachinko parlors and in private collections for years after their release. The next year, NewGin created even more excitement for its players, with the launch of Masashi Tadano, Nagosuro, Samurai Champloo and Wildfire. These machines displayed the same attention to quality and details that have made the firm’s games among the most sought after by pachislot players.

In 2009, the company’s design team further displayed their talents with the release of Battle Athletes Victory, Sumomo Chan and Tenchu. They also put out Samurai Giants 2 as a sequel to the wildly successful earlier game. By 2010, the business had reached new heights in its popularity and it pushed the limits with new games like Brave Sanda Makoto and Delta Trigger. That year also saw the launch of Episode D Live, as well as Sengoku Story. These games took the name recognition of NewGin through the roof as major industry players outside of Asia began to take a more serious look at this regional powerhouse.

As the popularity of Asian gaming machines like pachinko and pachislots continue to rise, there can be little doubt that the NewGin name will gain in player support as well. This company offers games that are original and exciting to play, and that provide a good chance at solid payouts. With their decades of experience and commitment to their craft, NewGin is poised to be a true leader in their game.