Slot Machines by Konami Gaming – Konami Slots Popularity and History

Konami Gaming is a top producer of unique slot machine games that is based out of Japan and that has managed to develop a strong worldwide presence in the slots manufacturing field. Now in business for over forty years, this innovator in the industry is known best for putting out games with original designs that draw players in and that can keep them captivated for hours. They focus on selling only the highest-quality games and they always seem to hit the mark with fresh graphics and engaging bonus rounds incorporated into their games.

Kogemasa Kazuki established Konami Gaming in Osaka in the early 1970’s, initially as a maker of games for local arcades. His ultimate vision became that of a company that would be able to supply premium slot machine games with fresh themes and compelling features to keep the attention of players for longer. Mr. Kazuki is still the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for the global Konami brand and the main offices for the company headquarters are still in Japan, but the gaming divisions of this conglomerate maintain their offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and in Botany, New South Wells. The Las Vegas headquarters function to serve not only Konami’s North American accounts, but also their clients in Central and South America, Europe and the Caribbean. The offices in Australia are there for the rapidly expanding Asia-Pacific gaming markets, including New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea, amongst others.

Konami’s Most Popular Slot Games

The company has produced a multitude of hits over the years, providing players with games that are fun to play and that offer a variety of ways by which they can win. Konami’s first licensed slot machine was Rocky Slots, based on the classic film that tells the story of boxer Rocky Balboa. The designers were able to work in the instantly recognizable voice of Sylvester Stallone and they also included clips from the movie to make the experience of playing the machine simply unforgettable for any fan of the film. This kind of innovation is precisely what Kogemasa Kazuki had dreamed of when he began marketing slot machines so many years before and the instant popularity of the Rocky game provided even more name recognition for the company than it had ever seen.

The firm’s introduction of the Rawhide slot machine some years back was such a hit that it has led to a whole series of games based on the bountiful Wild West theme. Rawhide: Bonus Ladies and Rawhide: Marshall’s Bounty have now joined the wildly popular original game and are often seen in casinos to this day. With a setting sun as the background and a collection of symbols that feature everything from a covered wagon to a cute cowgirl, these games can certainly fulfill any player’s urge for a desert run.

Konami’s Rock Around the Clock slot machine proved to be such a massive win for the company that it sparked a long series of games that revolve around the 1950’s-inspired theme. Rock Around the Clock series titles include Party All Night, Bebop a Loota and Rhythm ‘n’ Riches, plus a whole host of others for a collection of more than a dozen games altogether.

Another popular title in the Konami stable of games is Money in the Bank, a five-reel slot machine that can be found on casino floors everywhere. The game’s simple nine-line format and its theme of money, money, and more money is such a classic concept that it continues to appeal to players many years after it was initially introduced. That cash theme has been carried on with the company’s roll-out of Atlantic Treasure and Aloha Gold, both featuring spectacular riches as their central concepts.

The Konami take on timeless fairytales has also been something of a cashcow for the business over the years. Fairy Blossom, Fabled Riches and Fairy’s Wish are all based on stories that have been around for ages and that offer a rich opportunity for unique symbols and imaginative bonus features. Delicate flowers and tiny princess characters serve as symbols for these games as bonus features mine the most loved fables of all time for fun and uncommon ways to win.

Konami’s Asian-Inspired Games

With the company’s Japanese roots and so many rich cultural aspects of the Far East, the idea of the company looking to its own region as inspiration for its new games is a no-brainer. They have put out dozens of slot machines that feature the art and the sounds of Asia, from perennial favorites Glorious Jade and Wealth of the Orient to another longtime top-seller titled Fortunes of the Orient. These slots often use brilliantly colored graphics and exotic plants or animals in order to enhance the player’s overall gaming experience.

Other current titles that rely on Asia and the Pacific for their concept are Diamonds of Thailand, Fire of the East and Fortunes of Asia. The popularity of these games all over the world makes it very unlikely that Konami will stop using the rich cultures of Asia as muses for their games any time soon.

Konami Gaming Goes To Africa

Their African Diamond series is made up of the original game of the same title, as well as the African Diamond Glittering Jewels and African Diamond Jewels of the Wild slot machines. This trio of slots has been winning over players consistently since it was introduced due to their colorful graphics and novel bonus features.

In fact, the lore and legends of Africa have provided many of Konami’s more popular titles, like Big Africa, Glittering Pyramids, Egyptian Eyes and Grand Power of Africa, which all pay homage to the great continent. Symbols range from shimmering gemstones to wild animals and bonuses include safari style fun for all players.

With their dedication to providing players of their machines the most pleasurable and authentic experience possible, Konami Gamin has developed a strong reputation within the gaming industry. Their commitment to quality and to ensuring that every player has a real chance to win at their games makes this company one of the most respected slot machine producers in operation today.