5 Most Popular Online Slot Machines

Finding the most popular slot machine games is not an easy task, believe us, we’ve tried. This has been a question that many of our readers have put to us over the years and one that we have always wanted to know the answer to. The fact that there are so many casinos and so much software, each with their own popular games, makes the statistics hard to wade through. However, we recently put this question to some industry insiders and were finally given an answer.

So, here are the five most popular online slots:

5. Iron Man 2

Based on the film of the same name, this is a superhero slot machine that comes with a number of features and also includes some progressive jackpots. The symbols here are a little different as many of them cover more than one line, which means that if you line up a few symbols, you’ll win on every line, rather than just a few. The most you can win on the pay-lines is 3,000x your stake, which means that from a $1 bet, you’ll get $3,000. This does not include the progressive jackpots, which go much higher than that, with a jackpot for each level of stake that you play at.

4. Incredible Hulk

It has probably not escaped your attention that there is currently a trend for superhero films at the box office. This is because geekdom has never been more popular and comic books truly are king these days. As it happens, that popularity has also crossed into other mediums, including games and slot machines. It is therefore no surprise to see another superhero slot on this list, this time based on the Incredible Hulk comic, which in itself is a take on the Jekyll & Hyde story. This game was made by the same people who made Iron Man 2 and it comes with the same progressive jackpots, which are actually spread across all of the superhero slot machines.

3. Deal or no Deal Slot

There are a number of games out there based on Deal or no Deal, including ones that allow you to replicate the show itself, choosing boxes and hoping you pick a valuable one. The slot, however, is a little more basic. The bonus rounds and features do replicate the gameshow though, and there are some big prizes on offer if your luck is in.

2. Cleopatra

Although a very basic video slot, this game has been favoured by players for many years and continues to be one of the most popular slots around. We are not huge fans of it ourselves, but its popularity can’t be ignored and if you’re looking to play on the most highly rated slots, then you should include this one.

1. Rainbow Riches

By far the most popular slot in both online and offline casinos, Rainbow Riches was one of the first slots to offer advanced features and bonus rounds and whilst it is not the most advanced on the market these days, it used to be and it has won the hearts of many players because of that.