The Future of Slot Machines: A Look Ahead

The online gambling industry has seen a huge increase in popularity in just a few short years. A number of factors have helped with this, from the end of the global recession, with more money now in the pockets of potential players, to the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, which has made online gambling … [Read more…]

Slot Machines Based on TV Shows

There is no shortage of slots out there that are based on films, including Dark Knight, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Godfather, Scarface and a great deal more. However, some of the best licensed slots, as we shall discover, are actually based on TV shows. These are released by most developers, with both online and offline … [Read more…]

About APEX Gaming Technology

There are scores of slot machine developers out there, and more and more are getting involved with this industry all of the time. Some of them have been around for many years though, establishing themselves with some solid products and a consistency that ensures they provide the very best and the very latest offline and … [Read more…]

5 Most Popular Online Slot Machines

Finding the most popular slot machine games is not an easy task, believe us, we’ve tried. This has been a question that many of our readers have put to us over the years and one that we have always wanted to know the answer to. The fact that there are so many casinos and so … [Read more…]

New Slots for the Summer

The summer is not the best of times for online casinos, simply because the number of people shutting themselves up inside and drowning their winter sorrows is low. However, the biggest slot developers do their best to make sure that the players they do have are entertained enough to remain loyal, and that they attract … [Read more…]

The 6 Biggest Vegas Slot Jackpots Ever

Vegas has created a lot of millionaires over the years, and it’s also broken its fair share of players. Whilst blackjack tables and poker tables are popular, offering a low house edge, you can’t win a fortune in the blink of an eye, which is why the progressive slots will always be the biggest lure … [Read more…]

Who Are Aristocrat Gaming?

One of the biggest slot machine developers out there is Aristocrat Gaming, who have a hand in creating some of the best machines and the most advanced technology currently making a mark on this industry. But for those not in the know, just who are Aristocrat Gaming? About Aristocrat Gaming Aristocrat Gaming is a global … [Read more…]