Who Are Aristocrat Gaming?

One of the biggest slot machine developers out there is Aristocrat Gaming, who have a hand in creating some of the best machines and the most advanced technology currently making a mark on this industry. But for those not in the know, just who are Aristocrat Gaming?

About Aristocrat Gaming

Aristocrat Gaming is a global brand and one that employes over 2,000 people in countries around the world. They are based in Australia, where slot machines (known as “pokies”) are king, and where the people gamble more on these machines than the residents of any other country. In a country such as Australia, a quality slot machine manufacturer is sure to make a lot of money, which is why this company has thrived.

Aristocrat Gaming have been in business for more than 6 decades and in that time they have created a number of slot machines. Their focus is on actual gaming machines and technologies, as opposed to online slots, which makes them a little different from the likes of Playtech and Microgaming.

You won’t find their slots in online casinos, but if you have any experience in offline casinos, then there’s a good chance that you have played one of the many Aristocrat Gaming machines.

Aristocrat Gaming Systems

Although their main focus is on offline games, also known as slot machines and “cabinet” games, Aristocrat Gaming do have some online casino software, known as Aristocrat Online. They have also created a number of other systems that can be used by casinos. These include the System 7000 gaming management solution, and Oasis 360, both of which are prized by casino owners and managers as they make their jobs considerably easier, allowing them to track how many people are playing their games and how much they are spending, as well as a number of other features.

Aristocrat Gaming Games

The Aristocrat Gaming games change depending on the region, but some of the biggest games that they have created over the years include 5 Dragons Legends, Sparking Royal Jackpot Streak, Superman and Sun King. Their games also include Lightening Link, a new release that offers players the chance to create their own playable character, which proves just how innovative this company are and how much effort they are putting into turning this industry into something that will attract a wider number of players.


Aristocrat Gaming are one of those companies that play such a crucial role in an industry, yet aren’t really noticed by those who are most active within that industry. If you frequent casinos and clubs and if you play slots and electronic games, then you will have played something created by Aristocrat Gaming before. If you run a casino then their software will also play a big role in your life. More importantly, however, the future of this industry is with companies like this. They are constantly creating, constantly coming up with new technologies and new ideas. This is an exciting industry and with Aristocrat Gaming at the head of the marketplace, it is one that should be bringing a lot to the table in the near future.