Tablet Friendly USA Slot Machines

As popular as smartphones have become for playing slots on the go, one of their shortcomings is the small screen size. Thus, a big advantage that tablet play offers over play on your cellphone is the much larger size screens, along with the user friendly interface and easy-to-read buttons. Current versions of the iPad and other tablets offer high quality graphics and sounds to enhance your playing experience.

Android devices have taken over iOS devices as the most popular choice for slot play. Not only the smartphones, but tablets also, provide high quality reception and smooth gameplay. Recognizing the tremendous popularity of tablets, all of the major software providers are releasing slot games that can be played in this manner. As a result, tablet owners now have access to many more games than previously.

Tablets offer many of the advantages of laptops without the weight and bulkiness. While most casinos will not offer you anywhere near as many games on tablets as on the computer, the range of choices is much better than it used to be. For your convenience, you maintain the same account for both your computer play and tablet play. This allows you to switch back and forth from one mode of playing to the other. You can also use either the tablet or your computer for your banking.

Weighing Your Options Regarding Mobile Slots Gaming

If you are new to mobile gambling and considering playing slots on your tablet, we suggest you start slowly. Don’t be too hasty to sign up with the first site that looks like a possibility, but examine other options and compare them to see which is likely to offer the best mobile gaming experience. Of course you need to be sure, too, that the casino’s mobile app will work with the particular tablet you will be using. Almost all mobile casinos support play on iPads and most also support play on Android tablets. However, if you have an older model or a different type of mobile device, you could run into a problem on some sites.

Mobile players from the U.S. have fewer options open to them than those in many other countries since casinos powered by the two major providers, Microgaming and Playtech, are off limits. If you live in or will be visiting New Jersey, where state-run online slot play is legal, several casinos give you the option not only to play their slots on the computer, but also on your tablet or phone. Otherwise, you will need to find a reputable site that accepts U.S. players and offers a mobile platform to your liking. The experts at go so far as to suggest that finding a decent mobile casino for U.S. players might be “as challenging as finding an empty seat a $5 blackjack table at the Bellagio on a Saturday night.” That is probably an exaggeration, but just as taking the time to thoroughly check out a site is the prudent course of action before playing slots for real money on your computer, the same applies to tablet play.

At some sites you will need to download the appropriate app before you can get started. If that is the case, the website should provide adequate and easy-to-follow instructions both on where to obtain the app and how to download it. For example, if you own an iPad, you might be directed to the App Store. If you own an Android tablet, you might be directed to Google Play. If you have any questions or problems, take advantage of the casino’s 24/7 Customer Support service and ask for help. Access to 24/7 support is a must for anyone planning to play on a mobile device. If the casino you are considering doesn’t offer it, scratch it off your list and look for a different place to play.

A new trend in mobile slots is the all-purpose non-downloadable app that is designed to work with all types of mobile devices. The reason why no downloading is necessary is that the app is web browser based. Getting started is as simple as using the web browser attached to your tablet to log onto the mobile casino website and clicking on the game you want to start playing. Not all mobile casinos offer this option, however.

Bovada Casino is an excellent option for players in the United States who would like to use their tablet to play slots. No downloading is necessary. Simply direct the browser on your iPad or tablet to the casino’s website, sign up for an account if you haven’t done so already, and pick a game.

Tablet players receive the same benefits and protection as computer players.

Tablet players at the two casinos described in the preceding section and many other reputable online casinos receive the same generous Welcome Bonus when they sign up with the casino for the first time as computer players. Also, just like when you play on the computer, your continued play on your tablet allows you to earn loyalty rewards, special promotions, and other perks. In fact, all of your play in both modes is linked together on the same account. Limit your slot play to trustworthy sites with an established reputation, and whether you choose to play on the computer or on your tablet will make no difference at all in terms of safety and security. Either way, because of the casino’s use of advanced encryption technology, your account is fully protected.