BlackBerry Casino For Real Money


Are you one of the millions of people who own a smartphone, which you would love to be able to use to play your favorite slots games? After all, smartphones are supposed to be exactly what the term suggests and do almost everything a laptop can do. Perhaps you have already tried to play at one or more online casinos, only to be denied access. While it is true that when casinos first started developing mobile apps, they were only optimized for use on Apple iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). However, being that so many people own Android devices, the better online casinos have also released apps which can be used on Android phones and tablets. Now the latest mobile platforms are browser-based, so not only is there no longer a need to download at all; the supported games playable on virtually any mobile device currently in use. That is great news for you. Yes, you can play some of your favorite slots on your BlackBerry phone or tablet!

Examining Your Options

If you are already signed up with one or more online casinos, read the casino’s mobile section carefully to see if their mobile platform supports play on BlackBerry devices and, if so, what games are available. Customer Support (accessible by live chat, phone, or email) is also a great resource if you have any questions. If your casino does not have an established mobile platform for BlackBerry users or if you are new to mobile play, you may wish to find a casino which already caters to BlackBerry owners.

Unfortunately, even when the option to play slots on your BlackBerry is available, your choice of games will probably be very limited. Not only are there nowhere near as many games for mobile play as on your computer, but even fewer that will work on BlackBerry phones. For example, your computer might offer 200 slots or more, but you can only play a few dozen on iOS or Android devices, only 10 of which are also playable on BlackBerry devices. One thing you can expect is that the most popular games are typically the first to be made available for mobile play. Another thing you can expect is that because mobile gambling is such a rapidly growing industry, casinos are making every effort to improve their apps as quickly as possible. New games are continually being added to the mobile platform and the apps themselves are becoming much more sophisticated so as to better accommodate a much wider range of mobile devices.

What BlackBerry Phones and Tablets Have to Offer

BlackBerry smartphones and tablets were created by the Canadian telecommunication and wireless company, Research in Motion, Ltd. The BlackBerry brand’s email capabilities and security are second to none. These features are important to mobile casino players. Occasions frequently arise when you need to be able to communicate quickly with Customer Support. Also, knowing that no one can steal your identity or gain unauthorized access to your account is imperative.

As of this writing, Z10, Z30, Q10, QQ5, Bold 9790, Porsche Design P’9981, Curve 9320 and 9710, Bold 990, Torch (800, 9810,  9860, etc.), and the Playback tablet should all work for slot play in any casino with a BlackBerry platform. Of course, the fact that each of these BlackBerry models is properly designed with built-in security features does not negate the importance of playing only on secure sites. Be sure to play at reputable casinos only, those which use advanced encryption technology to protect the security of your account. We also strongly advice a casino that provides all customers, including mobile players, with 24/7 customer service.

Accessing the Games

Most online casinos give you a choice of two convenient ways to access your favorite slots for computer play–either downloading the software on your own computer or logging onto any browser and opening up the instant play flash casino. And here is more good news, in case you have been itching to play the same games on your mobile and second guessing yourself for not buying an Android smartphone instead. Similar options for slots players now exist, though for fewer casinos and fewer games, for BlackBerry devices.

There is a BlackBerry app store called BlackBerry App World where you can download casino apps to your BlackBerry device. Some top casinos like Jackpot City and Royal Vegas have worked directly with BlackBerry to assure that you will have no problem downloading and using these apps. Unfortunately, if you live in the U.S., you do not have access to these casinos.  However, some of the Realtime Gaming (RTG) casinos, like and Silver Oak Casino, have mobile platforms that are compatible with BlackBerry phones and tablets. What makes taking advantage of these options even more convenient is that the mobile platform is browser-based, thereby eliminating the need to download anything. For example, if you are an existing player at Casino, simply visit http.// and sign in with your account number and password. Then find the game you wish to play, point the browser on your Blackberry toward that game and, presto, the game appears on your screen and you are in action!

BlackBerry Advantages and Disadvantages

Playing slots on your BlackBerry is clearly both fun and feasible, but we would be remiss in this article if we did not also point out the disadvantages. Here they are.

  • Fewer casinos offer games for BlackBerry devices than for iOS and Android devices, and among those that do, the selection of games is very limited and probably will remain so for some time.
  • On the other hand, the BlackBerry manufacturers know that in order to keep up with their competitors, the company needs to develop new, improved apps. While the new apps would, of course, be fully compatible with their newest phones and tablets, if your device is old, these brand new apps might not work.
  • Since the size of the screen on a BlackBerry phone is much smaller than on your computer, the graphics might not be of the same quality.
  • If you are traveling in remote areas, overall reception might be poor or your BlackBerry device might not work at all.

Let’s end this article on a more positive note. The following are five big advantages which playing slots on your BlackBerry device can offer.

  • You can play in either demo mode or for real money.
  • You can conduct your banking (make deposits and withdrawals) on your BlackBerry phone.
  • You receive the same benefits and perks, like a Welcome Bonus, loyalty rewards, and special promotions, as computer players.
  • You may also be eligible for special rewards and promotions that are exclusively for mobile players.
  • You maintain the same account that you have for your computer play, so you can easily switch back and forth depending on what is most convenient for you at the time.

As you can see, for playing slots on the go, your BlackBerry phone is indeed a smartphone!