Jazz Time RTG Online Slots Facts and Details – JazzTime Slot Machine

With its sleek look and musical theme, RealTime Gaming’s Jazz Time online video slot is a nice break from all of the hyped-up games with eye-jarring colors and graphics. The relaxed, jazzy vibe of this slot will leave you wanting to play for longer, and with plenty of chances to win big money and extra games, a longer playing session is a very good possibility. Those who love music of any genre will undoubtedly find something they like in this unique game.

Animation that is used in a fun and inventive way only adds to the appeal of this game. The sounds of Jazz Time are also a change of pace, with more fluid melodies than any of the other games out there. Smooth movement in the play gives the impression that you’re on a real casino floor.

The team at RTG have relied on the standard five-reel game here, but there are only nine paylines available for play, harkening back to an earlier and simpler time in game development. There are six coin values for you to choose from, with 1c, 5c, 25c, 50c, $1 and $5 as your options. That means that the smallest bet that you can risk and still cover all of the available lines is 9c and the most that you can bet will be $45 per spin. This eliminates any true high rollers that want to play, but it also helps to minimize the amount that is played in any given playing session.

Jazz Time can have either a set or a progressive jackpot, depending on the casino that you are playing in and sometimes being determined by how much money you have chosen to wager. Some casinos will pay out the fixed jackpot on smaller coin values and offer the progressive only when the $1 and $5 coin sizes are in play. Either way, it is an imperative that you play the maximum bet if you are hoping to win the big money on this game. Both the progressive and the fixed jackpot versions of the game require it in order to get the prize.

Jazz Time’s Big Prizes

In order to hit the big jackpot, you’ll want to line up five of the Microphone symbols on any of your active lines. This will win you the progressive payout or 10,000 coins, depending on which version of the game that you are playing. Just bear in mind that if you are playing the maximum bet in a casino that offers Jazz Time’s big jackpot as a fixed win, you will get the $50,000 cash prize. Even just four of the Microphone symbols will net you a 2,500 credit win, for a value of $12,500 on a maximum bet. These generous jackpots should make you thrilled to see a collection of them on any of your active paylines.

Solid Mid-Level Jackpots

Five of the Guitar symbols on your paylines will also net you a 2,500 coin win, with four of these icons worth a respectable 1,500 credits for a $7,500 payout on the biggest bet allowed. A row of the Trumpet icons is good for a 2,000 credit win, which translates into a $10,000 reward for a $5 bet. Four Trumpets are good for a smaller jackpot that comes in at only 750 coins, limiting your biggest payout on that combination to a slightly less exhilarating $3,750.

There are plenty of other great mid-level jackpots available in Jazz Time. The Saxophone is worth 1,500 coins for a lineup of five, netting you a $7,500 payout on a max bet, but that number does take a substantial dive if you only get four Saxophones, with $750 being the best that you could hope for.
A complete set of the Trombone symbol is good for 1,000 credits, for a $5,000 maximum jackpot. The payouts do start to fall at this point, with five of the Cellos netting 450 credits and the Drums pulling in 225. Those are some small jackpots, even if you are playing the maximum allowed, at $2,250 and $1,125 respectively, but they can probably still make your day a bit brighter. These payouts drop to seventy-five credits for the Cello symbol and forty-five credits for the Drums symbol if there are only four in your lineup, however, which will likely only serve as a minor thrill with a maximum value of $375 and $225 each.

Bonus Features in Jazz Time

The scatter bonus in this game is a little different than what you’ll see in most of the other video slots out there. You’ll want to keep a watchful eye on the second, third and fourth reel throughout your regular play. They only appear on the center reels, but if you can get the Snare Drum, High Hat and Drumstick symbols to stop all at once anywhere on them, you’ll automatically win the Big Money Scatter Bonus. The trio of instruments all join together to reveal your prize, up to a 350 credit bonus. For anyone playing the maximum bet, that’s an instant $1,750 jackpot.

For the Jazz Jam Session to trigger, you will need to get three Piano symbols scattered anywhere on the first, third and fifth reels. If you do, you’ll be taken to another screen for your very own Jazz Jam Session, featuring four musical instruments that await your touch. A cello, a piano, a trumpet and a guitar will start to play whenever you click on it to create a fun and lively jam session that is very unique to this game. Once you’re all done picking, your final prize will be revealed, with up to 4,000 credits available in this bonus feature.

For any player with a musical flair, Jazz Time is bound to be a good time. It provides a gambling experience that is much more mellow than almost any other slot game and can pay out some very big money as long as you stick to the maximum bets. In the end, Real Time Gaming’s Jazz Time simple and classic video slot will please even the toughest critic.