Rapunzel Slot Machine Game – Robertas Castle RTG Slots Details

Roberta’s Castle by RealTime Gaming is the perfect online slot for any fan of fairytales. This game is designed with graphics that are super-sweet and based on the classic fairytale themes of love and romance. With fun bonus rounds that can really impact how much you walk away with in the end and payout that are easy to follow, this is a great online slot for anyone new to the game.

The classic five-reel screen was used by the RTG designers for this game, and they’ve allowed for twenty lines of play here. You’ll have a wide range of coin values on Roberta’s Castle, from one cent up to $5, and you can bet one coin per line. This translates into a 20c minimum bet and a $100 maximum bet if you’re looking to cover all of the paylines.

Autoplay is also a feature here, as it is on so many of the RealTime games. This is a built-in mechanism that allows you to set the parameters of your play within the Options menu and then walk away for as long as you need to without having to stop your game. You can set it to play for a pre-determined amount of time, or you can order it to stop automatically once certain events take place within your game. This is a great tool for anyone who needs to leave their computer unattended occasionally during their play and don’t want to have to start and stop their games often.

Roberta’s Castle Wild Card

The pastel colors and cute symbols are all a part of the fun in Roberta’s Castle. The Prince is our wild card in this game and this guy can definitely rescue you from a lousy payout. Not only can he substitute for any of the game’s other symbols, with the exception of the scatter symbol of course, but he will also instantly double the jackpot of any winning combination that he plays a part in. This comes in very handy in this game, as there are a lot of smaller jackpots that his presence can turn into a much nicer payout. Another good reason for wanting to see a lot of the Prince symbols is the generous jackpot that comes with getting five of him on an active payline. At 15,000 credits for a full lineup, you can expect a $75,000 payout on a max bet.

The scatter symbol in this game is the lovely Roberta herself and her image is a fairly sure sign that you’re about to score extra games, if not some cash. Five Roberta icons on an active line will pay you a 250 credit win, which works out to $750 on a max bet, but that’s not where she really pays off. Three Roberta symbols anywhere on your screen will immediately trigger a re-spin bonus feature. You win fifteen free games and all of the winnings during the free play are automatically tripled. Even better, the re-spin feature can retrigger during your bonus, giving you the chance to rack up a whole lot of free play and really extending your playing time. That triple multiplier feature certainly doesn’t hurt the money matters, either.

Roberta’s Castle Fixed Jackpots

This game was initially introduced with a theme that revolved around the story of Rapunzel and her golden locks before being taken out of commission and re-introduced as Roberta’s Castle. The game itself actually remained the same, with the only real change that took place being to the name. That explains some of the symbols that you’ll see in the game, like a Hairbrush and a set of Scissors, for example. Either of these symbols will payout 2,000 coins for a set of five, which is worth $10,000 if you were placing the max bet. This is where the Prince would be a welcome presence, however. Once he’s a part of the equation, that jackpot jumps to 4,000 credits, entitling those who did place the highest allowable wager a staggering $20,000 win.

Roberta has a pet cat in the game and it also makes an appearance as a symbol, though not a very high-paying one. The Cat symbol and the Hand Mirror emblem are both worth 500 coins when they form a complete line on one of your active paylines. While that’s a fairly small jackpot, an appearance by the wild card Prince can quickly bring it up to a 1,000 credit win, turning a max bet payout of $2,500 into a $5,000 prize.

You will also find that the classic playing card symbols are all in Roberta’s Castle, with 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace filling in the reels. The Ace and the King will each net you 125 coins if you can manage to get them all in a row on one of your lines. Queens or Jacks are worth 100 credits for a full set, and the 9 and 10 symbols are good for 75 coins on five-of-a-kind. This, again, is where the Prince’s doubling ability could make him an exceptionally welcome sight. On a set of Aces or Kings, he can make the difference between a $625 win or a $1,250 jackpot.

Random Progressive Jackpot

Real Time has included their very popular Random Progressive Jackpot on Roberta’s Castle, and it has a way of bringing a whole new level of excitement to the game. The current amount of the progressive will show up in the top-left corner of your screen anytime that you are playing. It doesn’t matter how much you are wagering or how long you have played, this jackpot truly is random and it can strike at the end of any spin. Once it has been won, it will reset at $1,000, so it’s always a decent win for no added risk to the player.

With the amount of potential free play and the generous triple multiplier that comes attached to this game’s scatter symbol, Roberta’s Castle is a great slot for any player. Its wide range of play options and the unique fairytale graphics have made this Real Time Gaming slot a proven winner.