Aztecs Treasure Slot Machine Info

Aztec’s Treasure has put a whole new spin on a legendary ancient civilization in this video slot game that is put out by Real Time Gaming and that is now available for play in any of their popular online casinos. The Mesoamerican theme behind this game offers up brilliant colors for the graphics and fun bonus rounds that provide the chance to win more and play for longer. With generous free spin bonus rounds and a large set jackpot of $25,000, Aztec’s Treasure is an appealing choice for those hoping to hit the big money.

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The developers of this game used the classic video slot format of five reels with the opportunity for the player to bet on up to twenty lines on any given spin. Players are offered the option to choose a monetary value from 1c to a $5 maximum when they start and that will determine the size of the coins that they’ll be playing with, so the range of possible wagers on this game is pretty wide. If a player goes with a $5 coin value and plays all of the twenty lines available to them, they will be betting $100 a spin. This potential for both smaller bets and large ones makes Aztec’s Treasure a great game for everyone in the casino, from a nervous beginner to a seasoned pro.

RTG Aztec’s Treasure Symbols

The vivid symbols that are used to create winning hands in this game are based on the Aztec culture that thrived in Mexico up until the 16th century. Rich graphics and imaginative icons will keep most players much more entertained than any ordinary slot machine ever could. These features also make the bonus rounds more lively and much more compelling to watch. With the visual appeal alone of Aztec’s Treasure, it’s a good bet that you won’t ever get bored playing this game.

You’ll find the standard playing card symbols of 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace in this game’s set of symbols, but there are also game-specific characters and icons that you will want to be familiar with as you play. The Aztec King is the all-important wild card in the hand, while the Aztec Idol serves as the scatter symbol. A beautiful Princess is joined by a Jaguar, a Headpiece, a Necklace and a Coin to make up the full set of creative symbols that you can expect to see during your play.

In this game, the Aztec King will only appear in the three center reels and he will substitute for any of the other symbols, with the exception of the Aztec Idol scatter icon. While this symbol can only be found in the second, third and fourth reels, however, it is entirely possible that you can land all three of those reels with nothing but Aztec Kings, making for the possibility of a very lucrative payout due to multiple wins on virtually every active line. Two or three stacked reels of Aztec King symbols could easily add up to be one of the biggest payouts that you ever win in a session of playing Aztec’s Treasure. The best part is that this character shows up quite a lot in the game, often creating winning combinations with good payouts, so he is certainly a symbol that you’re sure to grow fond of seeing very quickly.

Lining up three or more of the scatter symbols on your active lines, meanwhile, is a great way to extend your play, as well as your win potential, through free bonus spins that can really add up. First and foremost, all of your wins during the bonus play are automatically tripled, leaving the door open for a high total payout by the end of each of these rounds. Next, three scatter symbols on your screen will earn you five extra games, four will net you fifteen free spins and five scatter symbols will win you a staggering twenty-five bonus rounds. This feature can also be retriggered anytime during the bonus play that the Aztec Idol symbol appears, with five scatter symbols triggering another twenty-five free rounds. All of this means that the free spins and free money can go on for quite a while when you’re playing Aztec’s Treasure.

In order to win this game’s top set jackpot of $25,000, however, the face that you really want to see belongs to that of the beautiful Aztec Princess character. If you can manage to line up five of these symbols on an active line when you’re playing the max bet of $5 per line, you will walk away the winner of this generous jackpot. Even just four of the Princess symbols in a row will get you a 500 coin win. Meanwhile, the Jaguar and the ancient Headpiece also offer big payouts for a line of five, with the Jaguars worth 2,500 coins and a set of the Headpiece symbols earning 1,000 points.

Finally, the Random Jackpot feature that is found on RTG Aztec’s Treasure offers up another easy way to score some free cash on this game. The Random Jackpot is a progressive game that plays out just above the normal set of slot reels and that can be found on most of the RTG slots. This jackpot is capable of hitting at any time during your play, regardless of whether it’s a standard bet or a bonus round. While it doesn’t payout based on the size of your bet, a unique feature among random progressive jackpots, your odds of winning do increase with the amount of your wager. A larger bet has a higher chance of winning the Random Jackpot, meaning that it’s in your best interest to increase your play if you’re hoping to win this payout.

With the opportunity for big wins and lots of free play, Real Time Gaming has developed a slot game that is fun, unique and exciting to play. In Aztec’s Treasure, all of the great action and the frequent, easy wins will surely add up to create an entertaining game that anyone can enjoy.