Caesars Empire Slot Machine Points

The incredible legend of Rome and its vivid cast of characters is alive and well in the Caesar’s Empire video slot game from Real Time Gaming. Featuring plenty of opportunities to win free play and fun bonus rounds that offer the chance to win big money, Caesar’s Empire is sure to entertain players of any and all skill levels. This game is both compelling and easy to play, making it a good bet for a pleasant overall gaming experience.

Five reels and twenty lines of available play have been brought together here in order to give gamblers a lot of different ways from which to win both cash and extra play in this inventive game. Caeser’s Empire lets players choose to risk from 1c to $5 on every line they play, allowing those with the most nerve and cash to spare to play all the way up to $100 per spin. The standard auto-play feature that comes on many of the RealTime games will help to make for a smooth and uninterrupted session of play on Caesar’s Empire as well. With the simple controls to turn this option on and off right on the screen that you play on, it’s easy to step away from your game for awhile without having to risk the disruption of a winning streak.

Based on the rich history of the Roman Empire, this game features a lot of colorful graphics that you can count on to be engaging and entertaining. The twelve symbols that make up the set of playing cards for this game include the classics that everyone likes to see. You’ll come across the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace that so many slot players are familiar with and that generally represent smaller wins, just as in other slot games. But you’ll also encounter a number of unique symbols in Caesar’s Empire that are specific to this game and that will provide the extra bonus fun that most players have come to expect from their video slots.

Caesar’s Empire Symbols RTG Slots

Caesar is the substitute symbol in this game, paying out a cool 2,500 coins if you can get just four of his icons on one of your active lines. This is because his image will only appear on reels one through four during your normal play. Even three of these heroes will still score you a 250 point win. It’s also worth noting that any win in which he plays a substitute will automatically be tripled for you. That means that just his appearance on a line win can instantly increase your win a whopping three-fold.

The Coliseum is the scatter symbol in Caeser’s Empire, and five of them anywhere on your active lines will instantly win you 100 coins. Better yet, if you can get one or more of those lucky Caeser symbols and a Coliseum icon on the fifth reel, it will prompt a bonus round that can quickly add to your overall winnings. Ten free games are automatically triggered, with all wins during that play doubled to really enhance the excitement of these scatter bonus rounds. Another fun feature of this RTG slots bonus is that Caesar can appear in the fifth reel at any point throughout it, creating the opportunity for more line wins and more free play. Every time he shows up during the bonus play, as a matter of fact, the Caeser symbol can immediately trigger up to five more free spins. With all of these ways to rack up free games, it’s quite possible for them to accumulate to thirty or forty free rounds, or even more, rather fast.

The character in Caeser’s Empire with the next highest potential for a big payout is the lovely Cleopatra icon. Her legendary beauty will render you speechless, especially if you’re fortunate enough to muster together four of these ladies accompanied by a Caesar substitution symbol on the same line. That’s because while a full set of five Cleopatras will get you a nice little payout of 2,500 coins, the triple payout feature of the Caesar symbol will bring that win up to 7,500 points if he’s a part of the equation. That’s the difference between a mere $12,500 win for the four Cleopatras alone versus a $37,500 jackpot on a max bet when Caesar factors into the line.

You’ll also see a Roman Helmet symbol, a Shield and a Fruit Bowl in the Caesar’s Empire line-up of characters and emblems. All of these offer mildly exciting smaller jackpots that can instantly become exhilarating wins when they are completed due to a substitution by a Caeser symbol. Because of that ingenious triple payout feature, minor wins can instantly become major victories. Five of the Helmets, for example, are worth 500 points on their own or 1,500 points with a Caesar included in their ranks. A full row of the Shield icons will net you 200 coins, while a set of four with a Caesar will win you 600 instead. You’ll quickly find that Caesar is set to become your favorite symbol to come across in this game, and it’s pretty easy to see why with this winning feature connected to his image.

As with most of the RealTime Gaming slots, there is also a Random Progressive Jackpot that improves your odds of winning while you play. This jackpot can hit at any time during your play and it is one of the few wins available anywhere that isn’t directly based on the amount that you are wagering, so even those who are risking smaller amounts have a chance at claiming a larger win.

One thing that you can count on with Caesar’s Empire is a great chance at extended play for less money laid in. With all of the opportunities to win extra games and generous bonus rounds that can quickly generate more play, this is the perfect game for anyone looking to spend their time playing a more compelling and visually appealing slot without a lot of risk attached.