Coyote Cash Slot Machine 411

If you haven’t had a chance to play Coyote Cash before, you’re missing out on a good time. This online video slot with a Wild West theme and loads of winning bonuses is a great way to spend some time and maybe even win a little cash. Developed by the team at Real Time Gaming, the Coyote Cash game features all of that company’s standard video slot options as well as prizes that are unique to the theme of this game.

The familiar five reel setup of this game will be comfortable to anyone who has ever ventured into the video slot area in a casino, online or otherwise. But while a lot of other games only offer a maximum of twenty lines of play, Coyote Cash offers twenty-five lines of play with each spin in order to provide gamblers with as many opportunities to win as possible. Players can opt to risk from 1c up to $5 on each line, so the maximum bet to cover all lines in this game will be $125 per spin. The auto-play function that comes standard on most RTG games will allow players to set parameters to determine when they want their play to end, so that they can walk away without having to worry about breaking a winning streak. The feature can also be easily shut off from the main gaming screen at any time.

With cactus in the background and a set of winning symbols that were designed around the Western theme, the colorful graphics in Coyote Cash will provide an entertaining backdrop for your gambling. The kooky characters that fill the reels of this game will win your heart every time that they line up in order to win you more money. Besides the classic playing card symbols of 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, you will also encounter some oddly charming desert dwellers every time that you spin.

The wild card in this game is the Coyote, and his appearance on your screen will almost always be a cause for at least a little celebration. Because he can substitute for any of the other cards, with the exception of the scatter symbol, the Coyote can complete any of the mid-size jackpots available on this game instantly. Best of all, any win that he’s a part of will automatically be doubled, meaning that those mid-size jackpots may very well wind up being some of your biggest wins of the game. If you can muster up five of these bad boys on an active line, by the way, you will have hit the largest set jackpot in this game, for 10,000 times your initial bet. That’s a $50,000 win for those who are bold enough to play the maximum $5 bet per line. Even just four of the Coyote symbols in a row will net you 1,000 coins, good for a $5,000 win on that same max bet.

RTG Coyote Cash Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in Coyote Cash is represented by a picture of a bag of money and referred to as the Loot symbol. Its appearance in the right numbers can really increase your payout by triggering a bonus round that is ripe with potential for extra cash and free play. When at least three Loot symbols appear scattered on your reels, you will instantly win twenty free spins and the game will automatically start to play. The multiplier in this bonus round is based on how many Loots appeared in your trigger win. If there were three Loots in the win that prompted your bonus play, all of your wins within that play will immediately be doubled. If you had four Loots in that initial win, then all of your prizes in the bonus rounds will be tripled. Finally, if you were lucky enough to have had five Loot symbols in the win that triggered your bonus, all of the money that win during that play will be quadrupled, a generous multiplier that you don’t see very often in video slots. It’s also possible to win new games within the bonus rounds, and these games are played at the original multiplier. Besides the big increase to your winnings inside the bonus play, five Loots will also win you an automatic 200 coins at the outset. That’s a $1,000 win on a maximum wager, which makes for a fantastic way to go into a bonus round.

The other symbols in Coyote Cash are the eagle-eyed Sheriff, the Rattlesnake, the Armored Truck, the Cactus and the Skull. While a full set of any of these characters can offer up a decent small-to-mid-level jackpot to players, don’t forget that the presence of the Coyote as a part of the winning combination will instantly double the win. That means that, although five of the Sheriff symbols would be a solid win of 5,000 times your wager, four Sheriff’s and a Coyote would be much better, netting you instead a 10,000 coin win. If you were playing the $5 maximum bet on your lines, that would be the difference between winning a $25,000 prize or a $50,000 jackpot. Five of the Rattlesnakes will also serve to substantially increase your winnings, with a 2,500 point win attached to a full row of this symbol, or a 5,000 point win if the Coyote figures into the equation.

The Random Progressive Jackpot feature is another winning strategy by RealTime to bring a little more excitement to their games. Located at the top of the reel set, this progressive starts out at a minimum of $1,000 and goes until it hits at a random time, on a random player. The added potential for a jackpot win at no additional risk to the player is always a welcome bonus to any game.

If you ever enjoyed watching Wile E. Coyote and his mad cartoon antics as a kid, odds are that you are going to love Coyote Cash. This fun and fresh take on the classic video slot format will keep players well-entertained while the generous free spin bonus feature will allow them to play for longer.