Dream Run Slot Machine Facts

Anyone who enjoyed playing RealTime Gaming’s Green Light online video slot will likely love its sequel, the fast-paced and high-energy Dream Run. This is a fun and lively game with a street-racing theme that is sure to have your adrenaline pumping before it’s all said and done. Thanks to the fully loaded bonus runs, two wild cards and the intense graphics and animation, Dream Run is bound to be a hit with those who are looking for a little extra thrill in their gaming experience.

RTG Dream Run Slots

Dream Run is a standard five-reel game, with the option to play up to twenty-fives lines on every spin. The player is also offered the option of choosing from coin values that go from 1c to a $5 maximum. This means that players can cover all of the lines on the board by risking anything from a quarter up to $125 per spin, offering a lot of range based on budget. Real Time Gaming has also included their popular auto-play option on the game, allowing players the freedom to set their preferred parameters for play and then walk away. Whether you want the game to play for a set amount of time or you want it to stop when a determined event happens in your play, it’s quick and easy to set it and it’s just as simple to deactivate the feature with the push of a button.

The racing theme is used to the extreme in the design of Dream Run, serving as the inspiration for everything in the game, from the dashboard appearance of the reel screen to the stoplight symbols and the driver characters.

There are two wild cards in this game, making it all the more likely that one of these guys will turn up on your screen. Our hero, the Racer, will only ever show up on the first reel and when he does, you can get ready to celebrate. He can substitute for any of the other symbols, except for the Lights scatter symbols, which means that he’ll fit easily into a winning lineup. Also, any winning combination that the Racer symbol is a part of will automatically be tripled, so this is definitely a face that you want to see again and again.

By contrast, the slick and slightly sinister-looking Opponent symbol will appear on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels only. He can also substitute for any symbol or character, with the exception of the Lights symbol. His appearance doesn’t offer any multipliers, however, so while he’ll show up to serve as a substitute more often due to the number of reels with him on it, he won’t have an impact on your winnings in the same way that the Racer symbol will.

The Lights scatter symbols offer up a little suspense every time that they show up. When two or more of these white headlights appear scattered anywhere on your reels, each of them will change colors, to either green or red. The scatter prizes on only paid when two or more of the Lights turn green and the bonus feature will only kick in when there are three or more green Lights so this makes for a few seconds of sweet anticipation as you wait to discover whether or not you’ll get a bonus.

If you do get at least three green Lights, you will have triggered the RTG Dream Run Racing Feature, a fun animation bonus that is also interactive. The player is prompted to pick from five street cars for a race. At the end of the race, the player will be awarded free spins based on their car’s final position. First place will earn twenty-five games, second place gets twenty, third place wins fifteen, fourth place receives ten and fifth place gets five free spins. If the player’s car finished in first, second or third place, they also get to watch their car run in a second race. When this race is over, the player will receive a multiplier on their initial triggering bet. In this case, first place will get 100x their triggering bet, paying out $12,500 on a max bet. Second place scores twenty-five times their wager, third place receives fifteen, fourth place gets ten and fifth places wins five times their initial bet. Yet another race is run if the player’s car manages to land in the top two spots in the second run. If a third race isn’t run, all of the winnings during the bonus rounds will be doubled. If it is run, however, the final prize will also be awarded based on the placement of the player’s car at the end of the race. First place will win a seven-fold increase in the number of free games that they’ve won during the Dream Run Racing Feature. Second place will get six times the number of games, third place will get five, fourth place will land four and fifth place will still get three times the number of bonus rounds.

Players will also notice a Racer Tally at the top of their screen that keeps tabs on how often the Racer symbol shows up for you. Once he has stopped on your screen ten times, the Nitro Racing Feature will trigger and you will have another chance to substantially increase your winnings. This bonus feature is very similar in nature to the Dream Run Racing Feature, but it does offer different multipliers and some bigger payouts. The Nitro Racing Feature can also be triggered instantly by the player, though if you attempt to initiate the bonus, you will have to start all over on the Nitro Tally counter, whether your attempt is successful or a flop.

Dream Run is an action-packed video slot that is bound to be at least as popular as its Green Light predecessor, if not more so. With amazing animation and creative bonus rounds that will keep you engaged in the action, there’s plenty of things to love about Dream Run.