Cleopatras Gold Slot Machines Discussion

The epic story of the Queen of the Nile is sure to win your heart in Cleopatra’s Gold, an online video slot from Real Time Gaming that will capture your imagination as it rewards you with big wins and extra play. Players who are new to the game will love experiencing the fun graphics and a board that’s easy to follow while experienced gamblers will appreciate the generous bonus rounds. It’s a win for everyone in these respects, no matter who is playing Cleopatra’s Gold.

This game is developed around the standard five reel video slot model and it offers players the chance to bet on up to twenty lines of play with every round. Coin denominations in this versatile game range from one penny to a maximum bet of $5 per line, with plenty of mid-size wager amounts in between. With this broad spectrum of potential wagers, Cleopatra’s Gold is a game that is more accessible to all players, regardless of their budget or skill set.

Built around the legend of Cleopatra, the most desirable woman in the world in her time, this slot is full of colorful emblems and imaginative bonus rounds. The graphics appear as hieroglyphics and the reels spin against a desert backdrop, further enhancing the Egyptian theme and adding to the overall experience of playing the game.

Most players of video slots will be aware that the familiar 9, 10. Jack, Queen, King and Ace are the symbols that will net you the smallest wins, and that rule follows in Cleopatra’s Gold. As with other themed video slots, the characters and symbols that you will most want to be aware of are those that are game-specific, in this case including a Cat, a Scarab, an Ankh and the Eye of Horus.

Cleopatra’s Gold Jackpot

The very big payouts in this game, however, are linked to the legendary last true pharoah of Egypt, Cleopatra herself. Her image fittingly serves as the wild card in Cleopatra’s Gold and it can serve as a substitute for any of the other symbols in the game, with the exception of the Pyramid icon, this game’s scatter symbol. Cleopatra also has a way of doubling any of the wins that her symbol plays a part in, making her visage a very welcome sight indeed on any spin. The only thing that can trump the beauty of one of these ladies showing up on your reel will be for five of her symbols to make an appearance. After all, a row full of Cleopatras is worth a whopping 10,000 coin win, holding the potential for a $50,000 jackpot on a $5 max bet.

Meanwhile, the Pyramid scatter bonus is prompted by the appearance of three or more Pyramid icons anywhere on the screen. The imaginative creators of this game added a feature that has been used before in video slots to add suspense and apprehension to your play. As the reels roll, if you manage to get at least two Pyramid symbols on any of the first four reels, the game will automatically start to slow down, making the player wait to see if they are going to land a bonus-triggering third Pyramid on the last reel. If they do, players are instantly awarded fifteen free spins and all of the wins throughout that bonus play will be automatically tripled, creating the opportunity for big wins right away. Even better, this bonus feature can be retriggered at any time during the bonus rounds with the appearance of three or more Pyramids scattered on the screen again. With all of these chances to accumulate extra play, this is one game that’s easy to play for hours without having to invest a lot of money upfront. Finally, there is a payout every time that at least two Pyramids show up on your reels. While the meager two coin win for two Pyramids is nothing worth getting excited about, five of these scatter symbols on the screen will get you a 500 point bonus. For those playing the maximum bet on all of the available lines, which would be a $2,500 instant jackpot before you’ve even started your bonus rounds. That’s not at all a bad beginning to your extra play.

The Scarab and the Eye both offer up to players the chance to win a substantial little jackpot of 1,000 coins for a row of five of either of these symbols. This is where Cleopatra’s image would be of great use, however. If she serves as a substitute in one of their line-ups, the player’s payout will automatically be doubled to 2,000 coins. On a maximum bet, that’s the difference between a $5,000 win and a $10,000 one and that’s a major impact for one little symbol to make on your winnings. The Cat and the Ankh provide decidedly ho-hum jackpots of 300 points each on a row of five, but if you get a Cleopatra in the mix, you’re looking at a 600 coin reward. Again, that may not sound like much, but in terms of cold, hard cash, the idea really starts to sink in. That’s $1,500 for the regular symbols alone, $3,000 if a Cleopatra is included. It quickly becomes easy to see why you would want to Cleopatra on your board as often as possible.

The Random Progressive Jackpot at the top of the reels is a regular feature of the RTG slot games and it is undoubtedly one of the things that has made their slots so popular. With the capability of hitting at the end of any spin, the Random Progressive Jackpot can offer the opportunity of a big win to anyone playing, even those who are sticking to smaller wagers. This jackpot really adds to the intensity and excitement of the game and is sure to be a hit with those who haven’t played a RealTime game yet.

For those who enjoy their gaming with a little bit of glamour and a lot of fun and winning, Cleopatra’s Gold is a game that will definitely fit the bill. It’s large jackpots and inventive bonus rounds will make for a great gaming experience for anyone.