Blazing Sevens Slot Machines

Blazing Sevens Slots have been a dominant force in land-based gaming for
over a decade. The IGT game has a classic 3-reel version, though most of the
machines you’ll see these days are 5-reel game boxes. Any Las Vegas casinos
worth mentioning is going to offer Blazing 777s slots. The biggest challenge
writing about these games is to cover all possible iterations of the

Reel Symbols

Reel symbols on the game are going to include the fiery seven and the
non-fiery 7, along with the bar, double-bar, and triple-bar symbols. You’ll
also find bells and dollar signs.

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Blazing 777 Fixed Jackpot

This is a game which has had several different pay tables over the years, so
those familiar with other versions of the pay schedule might think the
following information is crazy. This is the latest, most up-to-date version
of the game, though you’ll find others in casinos and land-based gaming
venues. The top fixed jackpot is 20,000 coins when you receive 5 blazing
sevens. Having 4 fiery sevens appear on the same payline is wroth 2000
coins, while 3 are worth 500 coins. Each of these requires you making the
max wager of 3 credits per line.

Gamblers playing this title for the first time might get confused at first,
trying to distinguish the regular 7’s from the blazing 7’s. For that reason,
I want to go through the full payout structure for the seven symbol. If you
get 5 non-blazing 7’s, this pays out at 600 coins. Four such icons net you
300 coins, while three of these symbols on an active payline is worth 100
coins. Besides these payments, players receive lesser amounts for mixed
sevens (fiery and non-fiery ones mixed together). Any mixed seven
combination is worth 400 coins for five, 160 coins for four, and 50 coins
for three. The Wizard of Odds did a deconstruction of this exact version of
the game. The 3-coin bet was a much better play, though the overall payout
percentage was less than stellar.

Progressive Jackpot Machines

You’ll also find certain machines with a 3-reel progressive payout schedule.
This can be confusing to read, because so many 7’s appear on the screen, so
I’ll just stick to a description of the 3-coin seven payouts. In this
version, any three mixed 7’s are worth a 200-coin payout. If you get three
non-blazing sevens, this is worth 300 coins. Finally, if you receive three
blazing sevens, this pays the progressive jackpot amount, wherever it
stands. Remember, this is a 3-reel machine, so the accumulated pot isn’t
going to be the huge totals you’ve come to expect from other progressives.
Still, it has no upward limit, so if you walk into the right casino at the
right time, you might find a large jackpot amount waiting your play.

No Bonus Spins

One decision which might throw some gamblers off is the fact no bonus spins
are offered. Most games like Blazing Sevens offer a bonus spin mode, but
that’s not the case in this instance. In that way, it’s like Hexbreaker or
Jackpot Party, two other popular titles.

Strategy Suggestions

Hopefully most players know that strategy doesn’t much apply to slot
machines. As it is, a few strategy tips might apply to Blazing 777’s. Play
the full coin version, because it provides part-multiplier and part
buy-a-pay. Otherwise, the only tips that apply involve always using your
slots card when paying, and never betting more than you can afford to lose.
That last statement might be cryptic or vague to some, so let’s say you
shouldn’t lose more than your disposable income–and probably significantly
less than that. If losing at the fruit machines are going to damage your
ability to pay rent, pay the mortgage, make a car payment, miss meals, run
out gas, or make you turn off the utilities, you shouldn’t be playing. Let
me also say I suggest you should avoid maxing out your credit card or taking
out a payday loan to keep playing the slots, but I hope most people
understand both of those already.

Pale Copies in Large Numbers

The Flaming 777 game from IGT is popular enough it has its own knock-offs.
Walk into many casinos and competitors have designed games to look like
Blazing 7’s, but simply aren’t. The tell-tale sign you’ve found one of these
is a fiery motif with the number seven all over the box. Words like
"inferno", "bonus", "hot", and "flaming" are likely to appear somewhere on
the machine, too. While nothing says these can’t be every bit as good as the
game you want to play, it’s simply a completely different game with a
similar outer appearance, like Asylum movies are to blockbuster films.
Bally’s Gaming has a Super Blazing Sevens game, which also has a progressive

About IGT

IGT is a game machine manufacturer based out of San Francisco. The company
supplies more than half of the land-based gaming machines in North America,
while also maintaining a substantial online business. Most of the time,
International Gaming Technology software online is part of a total package,
so online casinos might use IGT tech, but also other software companies for
the many other games plays in a typical casino. IGT has offices on several
continents, because they provide popular game titles to brick-and-mortar
casinos worldwide, besides their international gaming software distribution.
IGT is a titan of the gambling industry, having designed some of the most
popular slot machines in the history of gambling. International Game
Technology practically invented the progressive jackpot.

Game Review

What more can be said that hasn’t already been mentioned by someone. This is
one of the classic games of slots row. If you find older versions of the
machine, go ahead and play them. The newer editions often take advantage of
this title’s popularity, meaning they offer a higher house edge than the
older variants. So even if you don’t find a 20,000 coin jackpot, don’t walk
away. Remember, it’s the old machines which made this game so popular in the
first place.

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