Indiana Jones Slot Machine

A slot machine is a machine with various different names. Fruit machine, poker machine or just slots are names that many people call this versatile machine. Call it whatever you want, since this machine is probably one of the most popular casino games on the planet.

So, brace yourself—Indiana Jones naturally has a slot machine. It’s just a no brainer, since Indiana Jones is one of the most famous and recognized movie characters of all time. Why not jump into the world of Indiana Jones (without the snakes) and win great prizes while you’re at it.

About Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones—that should tell you enough about this beloved movie franchise. Indiana Jones himself is Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr. a fictional archeologist-slash-adventurer best known for his adventures ‘captured’ on film. Series creator George Lucas modeled him after action heroes from 1930s film serials, creating a character as brash as a ‘swashbuckler,’ though as knowledgeable as an archeologist.

Harrison Ford immortalized the famous look and attitude of Indiana Jones, nailing the best known aspects of his character: his iconic fedora, leather jacket, bullwhip, his sense of humor, his encyclopedic knowledge of ancient civilizations/languages and, yes, his fear of snakes.

Indy’s adventures were further immortalized in four films, several television series, video games and a plethora of books. Since the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981, Indiana Jones morphed into a character that’s now constantly referenced and celebrated around the world.

The Slot Machine

International Gaming Technology created their own slot machine to honor this beloved movie icon. Naturally, people head to Las Vegas and other casinos around the world to see if they have the Indiana Jones slot machine available to try out.

International Gaming Technology actually created several Indy slot machines. The Treasure of the Incas and Well of Souls are the main two slot machines you’ll stumble upon in a casino. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Characteristics, Symbols and Features

Both slot machines utilize IGT’s Advanced Video Platform to take the overall experience to the next level. Not only does the slot machines play sounds familiar with fans and casual players, but it also expertly displays clips from the films, too. Not only that, there are bonus rounds for people to take advantage of—and win big.

Treasure of the Incas

The Treasure of the Incas Indiana Jones slot machine is considered the most popular of the two and, perhaps, the most common. It’s a video slot machine with multi-level jackpots, which all eventually form a progressive jackpot. Every time you play the game, the total jackpot will increase. Of course, it differs between machines, but the sentiment is still there—it’ll keep rising until someone eventually claims the prize.

This slot machine is a five reel machine with a total of 25 pay lines. You’ll be able to play a maximum bet of 100 coins ($5) to get the most out of betting in this game and the Well of Souls. Interestingly enough, this slot machine has a Group Play feature. You can activate it by paying a fee and activating the Group Play option during the bonus round. Of course, you don’t have to activate it, but the choice’s still there.

Well of Souls

The Well of Souls is a bit newer to the Indiana Jones slot machine collective, but it’s still pretty popular. There’s a reason for that.

This multi-slot machine lets you select what spot you want to place a bet on. Like its counterpart, it also has five reels, but there’s an added bonus of having 240 combinations to place bets on. That pretty much boosts your chances of making the progressive jackpot.

The symbols feature several famous icons from the movies themselves, including artifacts, skulls, Indy’s hat and even snakes.


The Indiana Jones slot machine has bonus rounds! These bonus rounds involve racking up the progressive jackpot, so someone can eventually win big. The most popular bonus round for the Indiana Jones slot machines is Stacked Wilds.

Stacked Wilds depicts players having to get three matching icons on their screen. If they can get three matching icons, they’ll get free spins. These free spins actually have a 99x multiplier, so you can really rack up a large amount of coins, if you’re that lucky.

Every time you play a bonus round, the winnings get bigger. Since all of the prizes are guaranteed, you don’t have to worry about walking away with nothing. The progressive jackpot is known to reach as much as $3 million in winnings—no wonder it holds its popularity!

If you’re not a fan of Indiana Jones, you owe it to yourself to check out the Indiana Jones slot machines. Even people who aren’t familiar with Indy will like this machine, since its guaranteed payouts and large progressive jackpot help people win big.