Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines

The Wheel of Fortune 30th Anniversary LogoSlot machines based on popular TV series and game shows are among the
most popular slots on the casino floor. In the case of IGT’s Wheel of
slot machines, your eye is drawn to the familiar color scheme
and logo of the game show, and the machine’s audio effects include the crowd
chanting the name of the game. Incorporating aspects of the game show into
their Wheel of Fortune slots makes the game even more recognizable
and keeps players dropping quarters into the machine, hoping to spin the big
wheel and land a major jackpot.

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About Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune first aired on NBC in 1975 and is still popular
today, making it one of the longest-running game shows in American history.
The word-guessing game, in which contestants spin a giant wheel and try to
guess letters in a mystery phrase, premiered as a replacement for
, another popular game show. The success of Wheel of Fortune
actually led to the revival of that popular trivia show. Iconic hosts Pat
Sajak and Vanna White are still at it, and IGT uses their images on the
machine’s case and during in-game video effects, increasing the game’s
appeal to fans of the television show.

More on IGT’s Wheel of Fortune Slots Game

Wheel of Fortune is a $0.25 slot machine with a max bet of three
credits. It’s important to bet the maximum amount on this particular game if
your goal is to chase the progressive jackpot by playing any of the titles
bonus games. At $0.75 per max bet, Wheel of Fortune is a relatively
inexpensive slot with a progressive top prize that resets to $200,000 and
has often paid out well over the $1 million mark.

If you’re placing maximum bets, every time you spin the reels you stand a
chance of gaining entrance to one of the game’s bonus rounds, where you get
a chance to spin the big wheel familiar to fans of the game show. To gain
access to the wheel-spinning rounds, all you need is a single wheel symbol
on any of the game’s reels.

The popularity of IGT’s Wheel of Fortune slot games has led the
company to release sequels based on different themes, such as Holiday
Edition and Triple Spin. All of these titles use actual video and sound
effects from the game show, and they all offer the same $0.25 minimum and
$0.75 maximum bet. The difference between the titles is usually minimal,
with maybe a few different symbols or video effects based on the particular
theme of the game.

Wheel of Fortune is the second longest-running game show in
America, with The Price is Right running a few years longer. But
stands out because it’s retained its most familiar personalities
in Pat Sajak and Vanna White, and because the basic way the game is played
hasn’t changed much in more than three decades. IGT’s slot machine based on
the game is an inexpensive way for slot gamblers to take a shot at a
progressive jackpot that’s often paid off in the millions of dollars.