Hangover Slot Machine

Slot machines reinforce the ‘game of chance’ nature found within casinos across the globe. Naturally, many slot machines exist to take advantage of that. While most people are accustomed with standard ‘casino-y’ slot machines, slot machines have become more than just kitschy casino fare.

The Hangover is one of the latest movies to become immortalized in slot machines found in casinos around the world. International Game Technology again used their skills to create a slot machine that successfully replicates what people love the most about the movie in the first place: the sheer fun of it all.

About The Hangover

The Hangover comically recounts a bachelor party gone wrong—all before a wedding’s supposed to take place. The film depicts three friends who travel to Las Vegas to celebrate their friend’s impending wedding with a bachelor party, of course. Along the way, they manage to wake up with no real recollection of the previous night’s events, and have to find their friend – the groom – before the wedding starts.

The movie may rely on the bad day/night in Vegas premise, though it takes that premise and turns it on its head. What the film did was take old conventions and make them new again—through putting the friends through a serious of increasingly hilarious events that eventually help them get their guy back.

The 2009 comedy starred Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Heather Graham and Jeffrey Tambor. The film first hit theaters on June 5, 2009, and immediately become a commercial and critical success; in fact, it became the 10th highest grossing film of that year, grossing over $460 million worldwide. Not only that, it won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, and plenty of other accolades. Not bad for a film about a bad trip to Las Vegas, huh?

Speaking of Vegas, The Hangover actually had big impact on Las Vegas tourism, especially since the film showed Vegas as the ‘ultimate guy’s getaway.’ Ever since the movie came out, people have traveled to Vegas just to see the famous landmarks and casinos seen in the film. The Caesars Palace alone has gotten so much activity from The Hangover fans that they even have souvenirs dedicated to the film! Let’s not forget the slot machines, too.

The Slot Machine

International Gaming Technology was tasked to create a slot machine befitting The Hangover. What they came up with completely fulfilled that promise.

As one of their best known movie-themed slot machines, The Hangover slot machine depicts memorable events from the movie under the guise of a slot machine. Since many parts of the movie were filmed in a casino, IGT naturally adapted those parts to fit the slot machine itself.

Hosting the slot machine is Mr. Chow, the flamboyant gangster that torments (and eventually befriends in the sequels) the main gang. In the slot machine, Chow doesn’t exactly torment the player, he rather acts as a guide and ‘motivator.’ Make a good move and he’ll offer you some words of encouragement—though, he’ll be quick to disparage you if you lower your bets.

Symbols and Features

First things first: the game is pretty much like experiencing the movie yourself. It features voice overs, video clips and music from the movie’s soundtrack. Even Mr. Chow is voiced by the actor who played him in the film (and its sequels), Ken Jeong.

The symbols of the game depict the main characters – Phil, Doug, Stu and Alan, the Wolfpack – on all of the reels featured in the game. Other symbols include the Baby (‘Carlos’), Mike Tyson’s Tiger, Alan’s satchel, a Hen, Stu’s Bloody Tooth and Liquor. Other symbols include the diamond, heart, spade, club, joker’s hat and other images that depict the Wolfpack in the film. The game’s multiplier icon appear in the form of casino chips, which often randomly emerge over other icons throughout the game. These icons let you earn as much as 8 free spins during the game itself!

The Hangover slot machine is a five reel slot machine with 40 pay lines, and also lets players play up to four different games at the same time. You can bet as little as 50 cents for a single screen game. If you want to play all four screens, however, you’re going to be paying as much as $4 per spin. Not too bad for a quadruple screen game.


The bonus rounds naturally follow the theme of the movie. These rounds are the Wedding Chapel Bonus, Stu’s Progressive Pick, the Stun Gun bonus and the Villa bonus. All of the bonuses put the player into situations plucked from the movie itself—ultimately giving you a chance to double and even triple your payouts.

If you’re a fan of The Hangover, you owe it to yourself to play The Hangover slot machine the next time you head to Vegas. The movie’s wild ride is successfully re-imagined under the guise of a pretty entertaining slot machine.