Double Diamond Slot Machines

Call it whatever you want, the slot machine is probably one of the most popular casino games on the planet.

Slot machines reinforce the ‘game of chance’ nature found within casinos across the globe. Naturally, many slot machines exist to take advantage of that. While most people are accustomed with standard ‘casino-y’ slot machines, slot machines have become more than just kitschy casino fare.

Today’s slot machine are now based on different television shows, movies, music entertainers, pop culture figures and much more. But, you really can’t go wrong with a ‘standard’ slot machine nowadays, either.

Take Double Diamond. Double Diamond is a classic International Gaming Technology slot machine that’s available as a three reel and five reel machine. And, while you do have to travel to Las Vegas or other casinos to check out this machine, there’s a free Double Diamond app on Android devices to check out the game for yourself.

About Double Diamond

It’s no secret that Double Diamond is popular for a reason. Even if they don’t realize it, it’s probably one of the most used machines by casino goers across the country. And, perhaps the rest of the world.

Double Diamond, as mentioned, is International Gaming Technology’s most simple game. The main Double Diamond slot machine is its three reel incarnation, which is said to be one of the simplest slot machines out there.

If you’re a seasoned casino-goer, the five reel slot machine might be, well, your machine. And, with the multipliers reaching up to 4 times the original wager (not to mention, the payout percentage hovering between an incredible 85 to 98 percent), it’s no surprise that plenty of people choose Double Diamond as their ‘first’ slot machine.

As mentioned, you can’t actually play Double Diamond online. You can, however, play several different free Double Diamond apps, developed by mobile app developers like Wincrest Studios and Jaxily. Find those apps on the Google Play store today.

The Slot Machine

If you’re reading this review, you’re probably expecting to read more about Double Diamond. And, well, we understand your plight. Let’s take a look at the casino-based slot machine, shall we?


Besides the classic three reel version of the Double Diamond slot machine, there’s also a five reel version. The five reel version features multipliers reaching as little as 3X to as much as 5X.

The three reel version is noted for having a lower pay line than the five reel version (just one). That also affects how much you can wager, too. On this version, you can wager as much as 3 coins and win as much as 2,500 coins in a single payout.

As for the amount of money you can wager, players can wager their bets in CAD, USD, Euro and GBP. To provide an example, you can wager as little as 25 cents in USD and as much as $5 (though, in higher stakes areas, the maximum possible bet can get as high as $100).

Symbols and Features

The classic Double Diamond slot machine features symbols famously used in many of IGT’s slot machines. Those symbols include single, double and triple BARs, the Double Diamond Logo, ANY BAR and cherries. Naturally, the Double Diamond logo is the ‘wild card,’ since getting three of these symbols at any time entitles you to winning the jackpot. You might even win if you just get one or two of the logo on your pay line, though not as much as the jackpot, of course.

Even though Double Diamond has plenty of higher stakes features, it’s pretty much a game that’s best suited for low stakes players. You don’t have to invest too much into playing the Double Diamond slot machine. With much lower bets, you have a fairer shot at winning big.

The Double Diamond slot machine naturally, well, looks and sounds good. IGT paid close attention to ensuring that all players get the most out of playing the Double Diamond slot machine, combining high quality audio, bright graphics and an intuitive interface into a completely unforgettable experience.


Believe it or not, the Double Diamond slot machine has a pretty simple bonus round. As mentioned, you can activate the bonus round through getting three Double Diamond symbols to appear on your pay lines. The wild card symbol (the Double Diamond logo, as mentioned before) is the highest paying symbol in the game, since it can more or less replace other symbols and provide you the opportunity to win big payouts.

It’s also a multiplier. The number of wild symbols you get determines what multiplier you’ve accumulated. If you get one, you’ll have a 2X multiplier. If you get two, a 4X multiplier. You can probably guess what the multiplier becomes if you happen to land on all three!

The Double Diamond slot machine is a classic for a reason. When you combine the classic air of a traditional slot machine with the excitement of a modern one, you get the Double Diamond slot machine. You owe it to yourself to try it out when you visit a casino.