Judge Judy Slot Machines

Judge Judy Slot MachinesReality
television programming has had a huge impact on our culture; from the early
days of TV shows based on real life, like MTV’s The Real World, to
more modern takes on real life, like Judge Judy in all her
high-definition glory, it’s difficult to flip through your basic cable
channels and not find something with a twinge of reality built into. IGT is
taking advantage of the popularity and pervasive nature of these shows by
releasing interactive slot games based on them.

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Now in its seventeenth season, with at least two more seasons to come,
Judge Judy
is not just the longest-lived court-based daytime show; its
audience has steadily increased over the years. Nielsen ratings data shows
that every new episode of Judge Judy has an average audience of 9
million viewers, and Judge Judy herself is so recognizable, IGT is
betting that her image on the machine’s case and audio clips of her most
famous lines will attract the show’s loyal followers. By making the slot
available for as little as a penny-per-credit, and including a bonus game
that puts the gambler in the position of arguing their case in front of TV’s
most-feared and beloved judicial personality, this title should attract
video bonus slot fans who may not even watch or like the TV show itself.

While her popular TV series is a reality court show, which in the
mixed-up jargon of modern television means it’s meant to look real but is
not in any way a part of the actual legal system. However Judith Scheindlin
is a former New York Family Court judge. In other words, the show Judge
is not a look inside a real courtroom, but its star does have
long-term legitimate experience as a judge.

Described by the production company Horizon Media as “the new Oprah of
daytime television,” Judge Judy actually surpassed Oprah’s ratings
during Miss Winfrey’s final few seasons. In the TV industry, beating Oprah
is akin to winning a big progressive slot jackpot, and Judith Scheindlin has
done just that consistently over the past couple of decades.

Judge Judy slots on casino floors around the world have video bonus
option called Plead Your Case. Since this first incarnation of
Judge Judy
as a slot game is a dual-player machine, players can spin the
reels and go head-to-head with Judge Scheindlin on their own or compete with
another player at their side. Community slot games, featuring anywhere from
two-to-five players, are a big part of IGT’s licensed slot strategy; titles
like American Idol and Sex and the City are also community
games, and the format is getting really good reviews on slot gaming forums
and in industry magazines alike.

It’s hard to miss IGT’s Judge Judy slot in casinos that provide the game
– the show’s familiar logo and the deceptively friendly smile of Judy
herself are at the top of the case, and real audio clips from the show’s
seventeen seasons play even when the game isn’t being played. A max bet of
50 credits and games that offer credit sizes as small as a penny make this
one of the more affordable of IGT’s new line of licensed interactive video
slot games.