Deal or No Deal Slot Machines

Deal or No Deal, hosted by Howie Mandel, first premiered on December 19, 2005, and continued airing until May 18th, 2009. The show, which initially ran for an hour long, aired twice a week on NBC. The syndicated version of the show ran as 30 minute episodes, starting September 8, 2008 and ending on May 28, 2010.

Deal or No Deal is famous for its game show format. The format is best characterized as pitting a contestant to choose one briefcase from a selection of 26. The briefcases themselves contain a cash value ranging from as a little as 1 cent to as much as $1,000,000.

Throughout the game, the contestants are given the chance to eliminate the other cases, while The Banker offers them a chance to take a cash amount to quit the game. If they refused every deal, they had a chance to trade their original case for the remaining case in play and take its cash amount.

The Slot Machine

The Deal or No Deal slot machine takes all of the characteristics from the popular game show and throws them into the format of a slot machine. Gamesys Group used the talents to produce a virtual slot machine for Deal or No Deal. Although it’s a virtual slot machine, Gamesys has pretty much gone the extra mile to replicate the feel of the show with all of the slot machine conventions people know and love.


The virtual Deal or No Deal slot machine presents itself as a five reel slot machine. It features a 20 pay line with the ability to accept multiple coins and multiple forms of currency. The entire slot machine revolves around, you guessed it, the nature of the Deal or No Deal game show.

Real money wagering in this game lets people pay to play in three denominations: 5 pence, 10 pence and 20 pence. Interestingly enough, the sizes of the coins themselves determine the type of progressive jackpot the game will get. So, if you use 20 pence to play, your progressive jackpot will be different.

The minimum amount you can wager per spin is 5 pence, though. Also, the maximum amount allowed for wagering per spin is £4. And, although the jackpot is pretty interesting, you shouldn’t expect anything more than a 10,000 credit payout, since that’s the largest possible credit payout you can get.

Now, for the symbols. The symbols themselves have a paying structure that goes from left to right, barring the scatter and Mystery Box Bonus icons—though, more on those later.

The symbols feature high value playing cards – Ace, King, Queen, Jack – 1-BAR, 2-BAR, 3-BAR, green 7, blue 7, red 7, lemon, melon and cherry. The Scatter Symbols are the Mystery Bonus Box icon and the Deal or No Deal bonus icon. As long as you accumulate three of either symbol on an active pay line, you can eventually activate their corresponding bonus games.


Part of the fun of the Deal or No Deal slot machine lies in its bonus games. The Banker’s Offer bonus round exemplifies the Deal or No Deal premise. It’s activated through a ‘Mystery Spin,’ which occurs randomly after hitting the spin button. Instead of hearing the spinning reel sound, you might get a telephone call—from the Banker. If the Banker calls, they may offer you a cash prize in exchange for the next Mystery Spin that will guarantee winnings. From there, you have two choices: Deal or No Deal?

If you choose No Deal, the game will hit the reels again, revealing your winning spin. If you do select Deal, you’ll get the cash prize. Not only that, but the game also shows you what you could have won, had you rejected the deal. This could be interesting or, likely, rather painful for a lot of players to encounter!

The Mystery Box bonus pits players against fifteen other mystery boxes. Eleven boxes host a cash prize, while three are completely empty. One contains a ‘Win All’ token, which pretty much does as its implied: it contains a key that opens every box and awards you will all of the available cash prizes.
Finally, the Deal or No Deal bonus game. This bonus game activates when you make the maximum possible wager on all available pay lines.

This bonus game works much like the show: the Banker will keep making offers against each of the 22 boxes you choose. As the bonus game continues, each box will open and, of course, the Banker will offer you something in return for the boxes, should you choose to accept the deal. Of course, if you keep declining the Banker, your winnings will increase. Activating all twenty pay lines also gives you access to the game’s progressive jackpot, which is known to increase to winnings well past £1 million.

The Deal or No Deal slot machine is an exciting game that pretty much makes you feel like you’re competing on the television show. If you can play it online, it’s there in all its glory. Otherwise, you can wait to hit the casino to try this one out.