Van Helsing Slot Machine

Slot machines reinforce the ‘game of chance’ nature found within casinos across the globe. Naturally, many slot machines exist to take advantage of that. While most people are accustomed with standard ‘casino-y’ slot machines, slot machines have become more than just kitschy casino fare.

Nowadays, slot machines come in many different forms—perhaps far more than most people expect. Probably that’s why a lot of people get taken aback when they visit, let’s say, Las Vegas for the first time and see the sheer amount of different slot machines available to play. Apart from the standard casino-y slot machine, plenty based on existing pop culture figures and franchises reside there.

They’re usually based on different television shows, movies, music entertainers, pop culture figures and much more. Naturally, the amount of figures found in these slot machines lends to the types of slot machines that get made. Take the Van Helsing slot machine, for one. That’s a machine based on a popular book and movie franchise (Dracula), so naturally it’s pretty unique itself. Let’s take a look at it.

About Van Helsing

Van Helsing is Universal Studio’s modern take on their 1930s and 1940s horror films, originally based on the novels Frankenstein and Dracula (by Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker, respectively). Released in 2004, the film starred Hugh Jackman as the vigilante monster hunter Gabriel Van Helsing. It later went on to be one of the highest grossing films of that year. Naturally, the film is slated for a reboot later this decade.

The slot machine based on this film, however, is available in various casinos and online casinos around the world. You’re likely to encounter this slot machine at most live casinos in places where gambling is legal for adults. Online, some countries are restricted from playing the game, though some versions are completely free (and devoid of real money prizes) to play. In this brief review, we’re going to look at the live slot machine itself.

The Slot Machine

The Van Helsing slot machine is made by International Game Technology, a manufacturer who creates various slot machines and other entertainment machines from many beloved pop culture franchises. Many of their slot machines revolve around fantasy, romance and science fiction themes. Of course, the Van Helsing slot machine combines a little of all three.

The unique thing about the Van Helsing slot machine is that it features IGT’s innovative Colossal Reels technology, making it one of the most ‘revolutionary’ slot machines to be produced by the company.

The theme of the machine follows the movie, of course. Players will be tasked to explore a supernatural place while encountering chances to win big rewards.


Being an IGT machine, it naturally features plenty of characteristics that turn the game into an experience, rather than just a slot machine. Let’s start by taking a look at the slot machine’s symbols.

Symbols and Features

The symbols are, naturally, vibrant. The symbols in this game include the Blonde Damsel, Castle, Two Ravens, the Red-Haired Woman, Perfume Vial, Count Dracula and Van Helsing himself. Speaking of Van Helsing, he’s the wild card—and may trigger bonus games if he appears a certain number of time. There’s also suit symbols, including a Red Heart, Blue Space, Pink Diamond and Purple Club. Of course, you find the payout information for these symbols on the Help Menu provided within the machine.

They sit on all five reels of the machine, featuring different coin denominations and wager amounts along each. The Colossal Reel is featured alongside the first five reels. The five reels sit in twelve rows on this machine.

The slots themselves offer up to 100 lines, which helps players get healthy sized payouts, if they choose. People that like betting high will naturally like they can wager more and, possibly, come out with more money. The console is said to be pretty easy to use, and most players have no trouble operating it.

This slot machine heavily features the look, feel and sound of Van Helsing—in a big way. IGT’s industry lauded graphics and sound shine in this slot machine. The game embodies the look and the sound of the movie itself, featuring the decidedly creepy vibe and subdued color palette found in the move.


The bonus features include free spins and the bonus round itself. Free spins are accumulated through collecting enough wild card icons. So, you can pretty much keep accumulating wild cards while spinning and spinning the machine, since they stay fixed in place once you get them.

The bonus round is where the higher payouts shine. Unfortunately, that also means it’s harder to trigger. The bonus round, for this slot machine, is known to multiply players’ winnings 10 times, particularly when they hit a winning combo.

The Van Helsing slot machine is a pretty cool slot machine. It features all of the bells and whistles of the original movies—enough to impress both fans and casual players alike.